I Quit Facebook – Day 1

Well, I finally did it. It took a long time to dump Facebook. How did this all start?

When Facebook originally came out, I was contacted by a fellow Marine telling me about Facebook. Back then, you needed to be invited in order to have a Facebook account. I setup an account, and it was me an that Marine. That was it. My friend list was one. The reason was, not a lot of people were on Facebook. I quickly forgot about Facebook.

About a year later, Facebook was more of a buzz. I chose to give Facebook another try. I don’t remember much of anything interesting happening on Facebook. Fast forward a decade or so, Facebook became a big problem for me. Facebook, for me, was to keep in contact with my Marine friends, that are speckled about the world.

I am a kid of the 80s, we like to say. That means, I was a teenager in the early 80s. Back then, there were no cell phones, no Internet, no wireless landlines for that matter. When I say these were not around, I don’t mean that they did not exist somewhere in the world. It means for poor kids like me, we could not afford any of those things if there were available.

That said, how did I get to the point were looking at my phone obsessively through the day? I am spending too much time on Facebook. I point this out because kids of today, have all of this technology incorporated into their day. I spent the first thirty years of my life without this. It’s time for me to get back to a simpler time.

So I am at day one, and I feel pretty good. I am getting more work done. Facebook was a poor allocation of my time.

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